Painless Hair Transplant

Painless Hair Transplant

Since the removal and transfer of hair follicles requires surgical intervention, one of the most worrying issues for patients who want to have hair transplantation is the pain and pain felt during and after the procedure.

Before talking about the pain that causes concern, it would be useful to talk about the stages of the hair transplant process:

  1. Local anesthesia stage (The stage where the pain is felt the most)
  2. Removing hair follicles from the donor area
  3. Creation of the area where the hair follicles will be transferred
  4. Placement of hair follicles (Local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area)

Due to the concern of pain and pain in hair transplantation, patients want to learn about the anesthesia methods used during the procedure. In hair transplantation operations, the areas related to the local anesthesia method are anesthetized and the patient is getting prevented from feeling any pain during the procedure. After a 15-minute anesthesia procedure, the patients do not feel pain or pain in the procedure, which lasts for about 6-8 hours. After the procedure, patients may feel a slight pain for 1-2 days, but this pain can be prevented with the medicine usage.

With painless hair transplantation, it is meant to completely prevent the pain caused by the needles in the stages where local anesthesia is applied.

A Comfortable Anesthesia Experience: Needle-Free Anesthesia

Patients with needle phobia also feel uncomfortable from the classically applied local anesthesia procedure. Significant advances have been made in hair transplantation operations with new technological tools and methods. The needle-free anesthesia method, which is applied to reduce the anxiety of the patients about the needles to be used in anesthesia, is actively used in many developed countries. This method not only reduces the anxiety of the patients, but also allows the physicians to perform the hair transplantation process more easily.

Needle-free anesthesia method is carried out by means of advanced technological devices. Anesthetic drugs are applied by spraying the area to be anesthetized using high air pressure.

As a result of the spread for anesthetic drugs to the tissue, the nerves are blocked and the feeling of pain is prevented.

Application that Eliminates the Feeling of Pain: Sedated Hair Transplantation

Many people who have baldness problems often prefer the sedated hair transplant method. Sedation, which is an anesthesia method and preferred in many surgical operations, is also used successfully in hair transplantation procedures. With the sedation method, which provides much more comfortable application of local anesthesia, the feeling of pain during hair transplantation is completely eliminated.

In hair transplantation procedures, sedation is generally preferred for certain reasons. These are some of the patient's reasons :

  • Fear of needles
  • Having an anxiety disorder
  • Very low pain threshold,
  • Having heart and/or blood pressure disease,
  • Concern about the hair transplant procedure.

How is Sedation Applied in Hair Transplantation?

First of all, the suitability of the patient for the sedation procedure is getting determined. Firstly, the patient's consciousness is calmed clearly with the drug administered intravenously by the physician. With the soothing effect of sedation, it is ensured that the patient does not feel the needles to be applied for local anesthesia and anesthesia can be performed comfortably. Patients who are decided to apply sedation should stop eating and drinking at least 2-3 hours before the operation.

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