Hair Transplant for Women

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair loss problem is common on women as well as on men. Many factors can cause this situation, but it is known that nutritional habits and hormonal problems are main causes of hair loss. The causes of hair loss are detected with some special tests applied to the patients.

Hair transplantation can also be successfully apply to women. Although the hair loss problem experienced by women occurs differently than male type hair loss, desired successful results are obtained with the same hair transplantation methods.

Hair loss on women is seen in different ways. With the Ludwig Classification, hair loss on women is classified as follows:

  • Type 1 : At this stage where hair loss is low, shedding is barely noticeable. Shedding generally begins to appear on the upper and front parts of the head.
  • Type 2 : At this stage, the area of shedding expands and thinning and loss of volume are observed in the hair. According to the intensity of the shedding, hair transplantation can be performed at this stage.
  • Type 3 : At this stage, where hair loss is evident, the hair becomes thinner and the areas where shedding occurs can be clearly distinguished. The shedding may increase over time and spread to all areas of the head.

It is known that the majority of women experiencing hair loss are suitable for hair transplantation because they have a healthy donor area. Successful results are obtained with the operation to be performed by an experienced team in a well-equipped clinic.

Is it noticeable that hair transplant was done on a women?

In general, within two weeks, the scars from the hair transplantation process lose their clarity. It may take 1-2 months for the redness to heal in the areas where the procedure is applied in people with very light skin color.

In the procedures performed with the unshaven hair transplantation method, it is possible to return to normal life the next day after surgery.

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