Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplant in Istanbul

As a result of several reasons, facial hair may grow differently in various areas of the face. While this causes an uneven distribution of facial hair, beard transplant proves to be a solution to this problem. Beard transplantation is performed by using hair roots obtained from other parts of the body. At the end of this process, beneficial results are reached in areas where the person has a sparse beard. The procedure also helps grow a beard from scratch as well. The results of beard transplants before and after display a significant difference in terms of the growth of beard.

Quick Facts

Operation Time : 3-4 Hour
Anesthesia : Local Anesthesia
Techniques : Closed
Net Result : 6 Months

Beard Transplantation Steps

Planning - Operation - Recovery

First, a doctor's examination is necessary for the first step in beard transplantation. The donor area where the hair follicles will be removed is determined along with your doctor's examination. Beard formation is provided by the use of hair follicles obtained from this area. These hair roots are usually taken from the person's scalp since this type of hair transplant on beard is a very common way for this procedure. Local anesthesia is applied during the transplant. In this way, the person can experience a more comfortable process. The operation initializes from the area used as the donor. The hair roots taken from this area are transferred to the required region. Follicles taken from the donor area are transferred here painlessly by applying local anesthesia at specific points. Beard transplant results start to be seen after a while.

After Beard Transplantation

After the procedure, the healing process begins. During the healing process, beards begin to form over time. In a few days, the process can be completely finalized. Beard transplant after 1 week sets up firm roots for healthy facial hair. In a week or ten days, your beard will be able to be shaved. After this point, beard shedding can be seen, which is a perfectly normal situation. If you are experiencing small beard shedding, the beard will come out of the roots again. Beard transplant in Turkey is fairly easy with the expert crew providing detailed services in Metropolmed. Every question you have in your mind is answered by the competent staff. Along with the experienced team and specialized doctors, it is possible once again to grow a healthy beard.

Prices of Beard Transplant

The most common question asked in this matter is, "how much does a beard transplant cost?" The pricing of beard transplantation may vary depending on the person's condition. The amount of beard the patient has determines the prices as well. Hair transplant for beard cost differ in terms of the quantity and the quality of the facial hair already apparent. Therefore, a prior examination of the person by the doctor also plays an important role here. After the examination, you can have a better understanding of the price for beard transplantation that will be applied to you. You can connect Metropolmed now to get more information about the process and how much do beard transplants cost. You can also learn more about eyebrow transplantation as well as painless hair transplantation from the expert medical team.

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