The Weeknd's Plastic Surgery

The Weeknd's Plastic Surgery

In this post, let’s explore all there is to know about The Weeknd’s possible plastic surgeries and why they are so controversial!

Imagined how you would react if you bumped into the Weeknd on a street in LA, but he no longer looks like the one you know from his music videos? Recently rumors have been circulating about the Weeknd’s plastic surgery. It is not a secret that Hollywood celebrities often undergo cosmetic changes to enhance their appearance, and we can’t help but question whether our favorite musician has succumbed to this trend as well. In this post, let’s explore all there is to know about The Weeknd’s possible plastic surgeries and why they are so controversial!

Introduction to the Weeknd’s Plastic Surgery

The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He first gained recognition in 2010 after the release of his mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, which earned him a deal with Republic Records. His debut album Kiss Land was released in 2013 to critical acclaim.

In 2015, The Weeknd released his second album Beauty Behind the Madness, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and earned him two Grammy Awards. His third album Starboy was released in 2016 and also topped the charts.

The Weeknd has undergone a significant transformation since he first entered the music scene. In addition to bleaching his hair blonde, he has also undergone plastic surgery to reshape his nose and lips.

While some fans believe that The Weeknd’s new look is due to natural aging or simply wear-and-tear from years of touring, others believe that he has gone under the knife multiple times to achieve his current appearance.

What Types of Procedures Did He Get?

The Weeknd’s plastic surgery was extensive. He had a nose job, an eyebrow lift, and lip fillers. He also had a chin implant, which is why his face looks so different now.

The reason the Weeknd got plastic surgery was to improve his career. He wanted to be taken more seriously as an artist and thought that having a more polished look would help him achieve that. And it seems to have worked! The Weeknd is now one of the most successful musicians in the world.

If you’re considering getting plastic surgery, make sure you do your research and find a reputable surgeon who can give you the results you want.

Benefits and Risks of Plastic Surgery

There are many benefits to plastic surgery, including improved appearance, improved self-esteem, and corrected physical deformities. However, there are also risks involved in any surgery, including infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. Plastic surgery is also not without its costs, which can be significant. It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of plastic surgery before making a decision.

Before and After Photos

As anyone who’s followed The Weeknd’s career knows, he’s no stranger to transformation. He’s undergone several major style evolutions over the years, and his latest one appears to be more than skin deep.

Fans have been speculating for months that The Weeknd has had some work done on his face, and now there’s photographic evidence to support those claims. These before and after photos show a noticeable difference in The Weeknd’s appearance, specifically in the shape of his nose and the size of his lips.

It’s impossible to say for sure whether or not The Weeknd has had plastic surgery, but there’s no denying that he looks different than he did just a few years ago. Only time will tell if this is a permanent change or just another phase in The Weeknd’s ever-evolving style.

People’s Reactions to His New Look

When the Weeknd first debuted his new look, people were surprised. Some fans even went so far as to say that they didn’t recognize him. However, overall, the reaction was positive. Fans thought he looked good and were happy to see that he was happy with his new look.


The Weeknd underwent plastic surgery to alter his looks, making him a style icon for many young people. His unique look has been admired and discussed by fans around the world, but ultimately it is up to each individual whether or not they decide that cosmetic enhancement is the right choice for them. Whatever your decision may be, keep in mind The Weeknd’s story as an example of what can happen when you take steps to make yourself feel beautiful inside and out!