Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Cosmetic Surgery

We’ll take a deep dive into Jocelyn’s past and explore what she looked like before undergoing countless procedures that left her almost unrecognizable.

Have you heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein, the socialite famously known as the “Catwoman” due to her extreme and shocking cosmetic surgeries? Before her dramatic transformation, she was a stunning beauty with striking features. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into Jocelyn’s past and explore what she looked like before undergoing countless procedures that left her almost unrecognizable. Get ready to be captivated by Jocelyn Wildenstein’s stunning looks from years gone by!

Who is Jocelyn Wildenstein?

Wildenstein was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her father, Daniel, was a German-Jewish stockbroker who emigrated to Switzerland in the 1930s to escape the Nazis; her mother, Sylvia (“née” Glogauer), was Swiss. As a child, Wildenstein grew up skiing and horseback riding.

In her early twenties, Wildenstein moved to New York City, where she met French businessman Alec Wildenstein. The couple married in 1978 and had two children together: Alec Jr. and Diane.

In the late 1980s, after years of marriage, Alec began an affair with model Linda Stein. Jocelyn discovered the affair and filed for divorce in 1997. During the bitter divorce proceedings that followed, Wildenstein underwent extensive plastic surgery in an attempt to win back her husband’s affections.

The surgeries did not work and AlecWildenstein finalized his divorce from Jocelyn in 1999. He subsequently married Stein, who died of breast cancer in 2007. As part of the divorce settlement, Jocelyn received a $2.5 million per year allowance from Alec until his death; she also received a lump sum payment of $5 million upon his death.

Following her divorce from Alec Wildenstein, Jocelyn has continued to live a lavish lifestyle funded by her ex-husband’s allowance payments. She has also continued to undergo cosmetic surgery; as a result, she has been nicknamed “catwoman” by the media due

Her Early Life and Background

Jocelyn Wildenstein was born in Zurich, Switzerland, to European parents. She was raised in an upper-class home and received a privileged education. She attended the prestigious Lausanne boarding school before moving to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, she began working as a fashion consultant and eventually opened her own design house.

In 1978, Jocelyn Wildenstein married Alec Wildenstein, a French businessman and art dealer worth billions. The couple had two children together and lived a lavish lifestyle, spending time at their homes in New York City, London, Kenya, and France.

wildenstein’s marriage ended in 1999 after her husband had an affair with a much younger woman. The divorce was one of the most expensive in history, with Jocelyn receiving a settlement of $2.5 billion.

Since her divorce, Jocelyn has been dubbed “the catwoman” due to her extensive cosmetic surgery which has left her with a feline appearance. She has spent millions of dollars on surgeries and procedures over the years in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance.

The Transformation to Becoming ‘The Catwoman’

In the early 1970s, Jocelyn Wildenstein was a New York socialite who was married to French billionaire Alec Wildenstein. The couple had two children together and were very much in love. However, things took a turn for the worse when Alec began having an affair with another woman. This led to a bitter divorce, which resulted in Jocelyn receiving a hefty settlement.

In order to get back at her ex-husband, Jocelyn underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries to make herself look like a cat. She spent millions of dollars on these procedures, which included face-lifts, eye-lifts, liposuction, and cheek implants. As a result of her surgeries, Jocelyn now has feline features, including large green eyes, prominent cheekbones, and full lips.

While some people may see Jocelyn as being vain or crazy, she does not see herself that way. She is simply a woman who underwent drastic measures to get revenge on the man who wronged her. And in the end, she got exactly what she wanted – AlecWildenstein is now out of her life for good.

How Did Jocelyn Wildenstein Get So Much Plastic Surgery?

As one of the most prolific socialites of the late 20th century, Jocelyn Wildenstein was known for her outlandish clothes, jewelry, and cat-like features—the result of over $4 million dollars worth of plastic surgery. So, how did Wildenstein get so much plastic surgery?

Wildenstein was born in Switzerland in 1940 to a wealthy family. She was married twice, first to Alec Wildenstein—an American racehorse owner and art dealer—and then to Michael O’Hare—a British businessman. It was during her marriage to Alec that Wildenstein began her transformation, spending millions on procedures to make herself look more like a lioness.

Over the years, Wildenstein has had numerous facelifts, eyelifts, brow lifts, cheek implants, liposuction, and skin resurfacing procedures. She has also had fat injections in her face and neck to create a more feline appearance. In addition to all of this, she is believed to have had several rounds of Botox and fillers.

While some may see Wildenstein’s surgeries as excessive, she seems to be happy with her new look. In fact, she once said that she would “rather be loved for what [she] is than be loved for what [she] looks like.”

What Was Jocelyn Wildenstein Like Before the Surgeries?

Before she became known as the “Catwoman,” Jocelyn Wildenstein was just a regular, if somewhat wealthy, woman. She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland to German parents and grew up in an upper-class household. She attended prestigious schools and eventually married French billionaire Alec Wildenstein.

It was during her marriage that Jocelyn began to change, both physically and personality-wise. She reportedly had numerous cosmetic surgeries to make herself look more like a cat, including procedures to give her eyes a feline appearance and to add whiskers to her face. She also allegedly spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery procedures overall.

Her marriage ended in 1999, and since then, Jocelyn has remained something of a recluse. She rarely makes public appearances and when she does, she is almost unrecognizable due to the amount of surgery she has had.

Who Performed the Plastic Surgery?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Wildenstein has never openly discussed who performed her now-infamous plastic surgery, and it is unclear if she has ever had more than one surgeon. The most likely scenario is that she had a team of surgeons who worked on her over the years, but we cannot say for sure.

It is also possible that celebrities and public figures like Wildenstein are given discounted services from smaller groups who are willing to work with them.


Before her many plastic surgeries, Jocelyn Wildenstein was an attractive and financially successful woman. Despite the fact that she changed her physical appearance drastically, it is clear that her influence on pop culture remains strong. Her story has shown us what money can do to extreme lengths when trying to change one’s looks but despite this, the societal standards of beauty still remain present in today’s world. Ultimately, whether people were impressed or not by her decisions we can all learn something from the incredible journey of Jocelyn Wildenstein before cosmetic surgery.