ICE Graft Hair Transplant

Ice Graft hair transplant utilizes the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) techniques for the excision and implantation of hair grafts. However, in this technique, the follicles are not stored in a saline solution at room temperature. Instead, they are preserved by chilling them over plastic ice batteries, enhancing the viability of the hair grafts before transplant.

Overview of Ice Graft Hair Transplant:

After the extraction of hair grafts from the donor area, they are placed in an isotonic solution for 5-6 hours until the implantation process. During this time, hair grafts may undergo trauma due to various reasons such as temperature fluctuations, dehydration, and ischemia (insufficient blood flow), leading to oxygen deficiency and cell energy depletion.

This directly impacts the viability and survival rate of the grafts, affecting overall hair density. Therefore, ensuring optimal conditions for the hair grafts in the storage solution is crucial.

One way to achieve this is by cooling the hair grafts, slowing down their metabolic rate, reducing their need for oxygen and other nutrients. Cooling also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Additionally, vitamins and antioxidants are added to the ice graft solution to support the development of hair follicles.

As a result, in ice graft hair transplants, the hair bulbs awaiting implantation can spend an extended period outside the body.

Many individuals dealing with hair loss and considering a hair transplant may be interested in learning about the ice graft hair transplantation technique.

If you are struggling with hair loss, you might be considering a hair transplant. Among the various techniques used for transplant, you may have questions about ice graft hair transplant. Essentially, this method involves preserving hair grafts taken from the donor site in a special cold solution to increase their survival rate and improve the final result’s quality. If you want to learn more about the ice graft hair transplant method, you can continue reading this blog post.

What is Ice Graft Hair Transplantation?

For a hair transplant, there are various methods available, such as DHI and FUE. To put it simply, ice graft hair transplantation is typically conducted similarly to other FUE and DHI hair transplant methods. However, after the hair transplant specialist extracts hair grafts from the donor site and before they are transplanted to the scalp, the grafts are stored in a special cold solution. Therefore, what sets ice graft hair transplantation apart from other hair transplant methods is the way in which the hair grafts are preserved.

Advantages of Ice Graft Hair Transplantation Method:

Different hair transplant methods may have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Due to some potential advantages, ice graft hair transplant may be preferred. Here are some of the potential advantages of ice graft hair transplantation:

Increased survivability of hair grafts due to their storage in a special cold solution, leading to enhanced viability through pH strengthening and cooling.
Improved success rate of the operation due to the increased survivability of hair grafts.
The technique allows for a longer timeframe for transplantation, reducing the need for haste during the procedure.
Patients can go through the hair transplant procedure more comfortably with the ice graft hair transplant technique.

Storing Hair Roots with Custodiol Solution and Special Mini Cooler

At MetropolMed, we use a unique solution called custodiol when performing any hair transplantation. This product is expensive and not used in many clinics, however it is also employed within cardiovascular surgery and organ transplant procedures. The mini cooler developed for this purpose maintains the follicles at an appropriate temperature of +4°C during storage, guaranteeing that they are kept in optimal conditions before being successfully transferred.


The Ice FUE hair transplantation method is used to achieve effective results in hair transplantation. This way, the lifespan of the hair roots taken from the donor area is extended, leading to a more permanent outcome.

The FUE technique involves adapting the hair roots taken from the donor area with a solution kept at a very low temperature. This solution prevents the loss of efficiency during the implantation process by freezing the roots and extends their lifespan. The Ice FUE technology is an effective and recommended method for obtaining the best results from the hair transplantation process.

The Ice FUE method is actually similar to the FUE technique. The key distinction is that, to prevent efficiency and quality loss between the extraction and transfer of hair roots, the roots are kept in a specially prepared cold solution.

The Ice FUE Hair Transplant method is a specialized hair transplant technique developed to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of hair follicles. This innovative method bears similarities to the traditional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, but after the hair roots are taken from the donor area, they are carefully preserved in a special cold solution.

In the Ice FUE technique, hair roots are stored in a specially formulated cold solution to maintain a low temperature. This cold solution allows the preservation of hair roots by freezing them. This method enables the hair roots to exhibit higher resilience during the implantation process, allowing follicles to remain viable for a longer period.

Hair roots preserved in a cold environment experience less stress during the implantation process, leading to more successful transplantation. Additionally, storing hair roots from the donor area in a cold solution helps preserve stem cells and follicular structures.

The Ice FUE Hair Transplantation method aims to achieve more effective results in the hair transplantation process. This method offers a unique advantage in strengthening hair roots and promoting longer-term hair growth.

What are the advantages of the Ice FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The advantages of Ice FUE hair transplantation can be listed as follows:

  • Hair roots extracted during the procedure can be stored without losing their effectiveness, leading to more permanent results.
  • Hair transplant specialists can work more comfortably during the procedure knowing that the hair roots are securely preserved.
  • Hair roots that maintain their effectiveness result in more hair growth in the transplanted area compared to other methods.
  • In this method, a shorter recovery period is observed, and hair tends to grow faster.


Ice DHI Hair Transplant is a technique used to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of hair roots extracted from the donor area, aiming for more permanent results.

The Ice DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is a specialized technique in the hair transplantation process where hair roots are directly extracted and implanted. Unlike traditional DHI, this method uses a special implanter pen. The implanter pen carefully picks up hair roots and directly places them in the area where hair will be implanted using a special tip on the same pen. This allows for faster, more accurate, and controlled implantation of hair roots. The DHI technique aims to achieve more natural-looking results and can also expedite the recovery process. The implanter pen provides more control during the individual placement of hair roots, enhancing the naturalness of the hair transplant and contributing to the aesthetic harmony of the hairline.

Although the Ice DHI method does not differ significantly from traditional DHI, the key difference lies in preserving the extracted hair roots in a cold solution. This protection helps maintain the effectiveness and quality of follicles from extraction to implantation.

Advantages of Ice DHI Hair Transplantation:

1. Advanced Technology: The ICE DHI Hair Transplant method employs state-of-the-art technology to minimize the loss of hair root effectiveness, providing advanced protection. This allows for longer-lasting and more permanent results.

2. Comfortable Working Environment for Experts: Hair transplant specialists can work more comfortably with the unique protective features of ICE DHI, securely handling extracted hair roots. This contributes to the more confident execution of delicate hair transplant procedures.

3. Increase in Hair Quality: The special protective solution of ICE DHI supports stronger and healthier hair growth in the transplanted area. This ensures that the transplanted hair roots appear natural and of high quality.

4. Fast Recovery and Visual Results: The ICE DHI method facilitates a short recovery period, leading to quick results. It also ensures that the transplanted hair roots are aesthetically pleasing, harmonizing with the natural hairline.

Each of these techniques offers unique advantages, providing a modern and effective solution in the field of hair transplantation.

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