Hollywood Smile

It is aimed at eliminating discomfort caused by the patient's smile by covering all surgical procedures and cosmetic interventions for the teeth and gums. Hollywood Smile is also known as Smile Design. A smile design can be used in cases such as tooth loss, tooth alignment issues, interdental space, gingival problems, unsuitable tooth lengths, dark teeth, or incompatibility of teeth and gingiva.

How to Make Hollywood Smile / Smile Design?

In order to create a Hollywood Smile or Smile design, the person's oral structure and dental health are examined. The process flow is determined in accordance with the expectations of the individual's facial line, gender, age and appearance. Initially, caries in the teeth, gum diseases, and teeth cleaning are treated, followed by the planned application of smile design. For example, common applications of smile design include gum aesthetics, teeth whitening, implants, veneers, orthodontic treatments, and prosthetics for missing teeth. It is also possible to use fillings made in the lip and face area to emphasize the smile.

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