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Hair transplant can be mentioned as a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. Hair transplant takes place in the hospital environment with a micro-surgical operation. In micro-surgical operations, hair transplant is performed with less intervention compared to normal operations. The hair transplant operation, which is an effective and permanent solution for people suffering from male pattern hair loss, also called androgenetic alopecia, can also be easily performed for hair loss caused by scars or various hair diseases.

You have decided for hair transplant. So what awaits you? Here are the stages:

  • Greeting

When you come to the hospital on the day of hair transplant, our hair transplant specialists and patient representative will welcome you.

  • Blood tests

Your blood values with your blood sample to be taken from your arm are checked and evaluated in our laboratory unit with the latest technology devices.

  • Examination and Planning

Our hair transplant specialist will determine the number of grafts to be transplanted and the areas where the transplant will be performed and determine your natural hair line. At this stage, your blood test results are evaluated by our specialist.

  • Hair Shave

When your blood values are positively resulted, you will be shaved and taken to the unit where the hair transplant will be performed.

  • Local Anesthesia

First, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area where the roots will be taken.

  • Extracting Grafts

A special fluid is injected into the anesthetized donor area. This fluid inflates the area. In this swelling area, it is ensured that the grafts are taken with the Fue motor by both releasing the roots and obtaining maximum number of roots. The extracted hair follicles are separated in single, double and multiple numbers and preserved in a special solution. After the last root is removed, the donor area is cleaned with this solution and covered with a special bandage. This bandage is a special gauze that contributes to the healing process.

  • Opening Channels Process

According to the number of grafts taken, a sufficient number of channels are opened in the area under local anesthesia by calculating the direction of the existing hair. The purpose of this process is to achieve natural results.

  • Transplanting Grafts

Single double and multiple hair follicles are placed in these opened channels according to the planning made at the first examination. Patient does not feel any pain here. This is the final stage of hair transplant.

  • Consultation

Oral and written information and evaluations are shared with the patient about the medications that the patient should use or the issues to be considered.

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