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Hair Transplant FAQs

To whom is hair transplant mostly performed?

Hair transplant process is successfully applied to all people with sufficient hair follicles. At the same time hair loss in all areas of the body for hair transplant method again can be performed.

Is there a certain age limitation for hair transplant?

What needs to be emphasized here is that there is a visible hair loss in the skin where exists before rather than age.

How long is enough for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation process takes between 6 and 8 hours. If the person does not want his / her social environment to know about the hair transplant, this period can be approximately 10 days. If the person does not have this kind of concern, he can return to his daily life within 3 days.

How soon does a person get new hair?

Wash your head once a day for 1 week after the operation. The crusts seen after the operation are completely shed in 7-10 days and the transplanted area is healed. At the end of the first month, the transplanted hair is shed. Don’t let this panic you. It takes 3 months to start growing again. The change is mostly seen in 5th and 6th months. 50 to 60% of the transplanted hair grows in the first 6 months. Within a year, 100% of the transplanted hair will grow.

Is there any shedding in the transplanted hair?

If there is no negative incident happens, your transplanted hair will stay with you for life as long as there is no illness or accident.

Under what conditions and by whom should hair transplant be performed?

Hair transplant is a surgical operation. In sterile operating room conditions, experienced specialist doctors and professional team of doctors should perform hair transplant.

Is hair transplant risky for patient health-wise?

There is no risk if the person does not have any health problems and the procedure is performed by specialist doctors in sterile hospital conditions. Adherence to the doctor’s advice is very important in the post-operative period.

Can I apply more than one hair transplant?

Various factors play a role here. For example, the situtions like the size of the transplanted area, the efficiency of the transplant and the continuum of hair loss may require multiple applications.

Are the results natural?

This is a situation relevant to technique. The size and direction of the grafts used in accordance with the natural outflow direction of the hair affects the natural results of the transplant.

Are there new techniques applied in hair transplant?

The most reliable technique is FUE ‘Folicular Unite Extraction’. It is a technique in which follicular units are removed one by one with special microsurgical instruments without cutting and suturing marks and transferred to the balding area on the same day.

Can hair loss be treated?

Once the cause of hair loss is fully understood, it can be treated. According to the doctor’s definitive treatment method, hair loss is prevented and the volume of existing hair can be increased.

Will there be a technology to replace hair transplant in the future?

This is the most effective method for now. However, with the developing technology in the future, it will be possible to transplant unlimited hairless area by replicating a few hair follicles from the scalp in a laboratory environment.

Is hair dye applied to the transplanted hair?

When the healing process of the doctor recommended is completed, cutting and dying hair can be done.

Is hair transplant done from different individuals?

This is considered as tissue transplant. Therefore there is no such example in the world yet.

Is there any scarring after hair transplant?

No, there is no scar after the operation.

Is hair transplant performed for women?

Yes, hair transplant is also applied to women.

How is the hairline determined?

The hair line, which is an anatomical line, is determined according to the area where the forehead tissue ends and the hair tissue begins.

Has hair follicle cloning achieved successful results?

No. Laboratory studies in the US and Europe have not yet given successful results.

What methods are available for hair loss treatments?

In addition to medications, a number of treatments are available, such as PRP, Mesotherapy or Growth Factor applied by doctors.

Does each person with hair loss do hair transplant?

No, he may not. This should be decided by the doctor.

Is there a relationship between nutrition and healthy hair structure?

Yes there is. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids taken from oral supplements or nutrients affect hair quality.

What does the natural appearance of the transplanted hair depend on?

An expert and experienced staff is an important factor in successful and natural hair transplant operations.

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