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After Hair Transplant

What should be done after hair transplant?

  • What happens on the first night after the hair transplant operation?

It is necessary to wear the forehead band to prevent swelling after the hair transplant operation. Bandage will be applied to your donor area. Tiny crusts and slight redness that will occur in the planting area will be gone within 15 days. After the hair transplant operation you may feel itching or swelling of mild pain. If you encounter these conditions you can use the lotions recommended by your doctor, also you can apply ice.

  • First day

After the operation, dressing and PRP Hair treatment is applied in the clinic and bandage is removed from your donor area after dressing.

  • The third day

Hair washing is done with shampoo and special lotions that we prescribe to you. The hair washing process is effective in healing your scalp and crusting.

  • Days 5 and 7

It is normal to feel itching while your hair becomes stronger. However, you should definitely avoid damaging the transplanted area. Itching is a sign of your recovery.

  • Between 15 and 30 days

There will be no difference between your planted hair and your existing hair. Therefore, it will not be understood that you have hair transplant.

  • 1 to 3 months

In this period, hair loss called shock shedding can be seen. But then your planted hair will begin to grow.

  • Between 4 and 5 months

After 4 months, the transplanted hair grows and this growth accelerates. In the 6th month, half of the desired result begins to be observed.

  • Between 6 and 12 months

Transplanted hair continues to grow and develop. Thickening of the strands is observed.

  • Between 12 and 18 months

When a period of 18 months is completed, all of your transplanted hair will grow 100%. In this way, you get the desired look.

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