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The mission of the METROPOLMED brand is to provide reliable service in the field of health tourism in our country and all countries of the world. Metropolmed is an authorized medical tourism company showing patient satisfaction-oriented activities in Turkey's most prestigious hospitals by experienced teams and accredited by the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Each room of the hospital where it provides service is licensed and serves in accordance with the comfort of international health tourism.

Operating in the field of international health tourism, Metropolmed offers all its operations at world quality. The vision of the Metropolmed brand is to keep patient satisfaction at the top by cooperating with healthcare organizations that follow high quality and technology. In this direction, Metropolmed works urgently and moves on with its best colleagues. In our contracted hospitals that provide world-class health services, valuable academic staff is working. Metropolmed will continue its work and success in the light of these principles.

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