Health Tourism


With 1,000,000 people visiting the country in 2019, medical tourism has become a booming industry in Turkey. In 2008, Turkey hosted 100,000 visitors for medical tourism. The number has increased tenfold in 10 years. In 2021, the number is expected to approach 1.5 million visitors. Due to the costs in the health sector, quality, standby time, and various facilities lots of people coming to Turkey. Turkey provides better quality treatments at lower costs compared to Europe, the US, and other western countries. Some surgeries are performed at 90 percent more affordable prices than in other countries. Visitors come to Turkey mostly from Europe, the Gulf States, Russia, and the Turkic Republics, they usually prefer Istanbul, the Mediterranean resort of Antalya, and the capital Ankara. Turkey is in third place in medical tourism after the US and South Korea. The target is to host 2 million visitors for health tourism until recently.

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